Quest for the Dragon Stone - Journal # 1

The personal field journals of Ruth and David Duncan

Thursday, August 17, 2006


What's up everyone. I didn't believe Ruth when she told me that Dr.Blackford started this blog for us. I mean it's pretty cool. A few days ago, I would have wondered why anyone would want to know what I was doing. Now, I have to admit - you'd probably be missing out on some wicked action if we didn't include you in on this expedition. It's pretty Top Secret, I'll have to check with Dr. Fitzgerald as to how much we are allowed to know, for our own
safety and all. I agree with Ruth (which is rare)that you should check out the first book or you won't have a clue as to what is going on. Anyway, I Gotta go.
Ruth said there's a peeved garden goblin hacking up the rose bushes. Mom won't believe me when I tell her the goblin did it.

Check ya later,


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